Introduction to Information Research

Last December 2011, I moved from Greater London to Tenerife after resigning as the Liberal Democrat Councillor for Worcester Park.  About a month later, I became an unexpected observer of certain evolving events which can only be described as uncomfortable and unacceptable.  As a result, the misinformation still continues . . .

A large group of residents seeking guidance that they were rightly entitled to were being fed unsubstantiated information resulting in confusion and mistrust.  The notion that “this is the way things are done in Spain” was unjustifiable since in this particular instant, the British Law played an important and fundamental part in decision making due to the environment they found themselves in.

It was, therefore, my decision to do what I enjoy most of all – research information through various media links and upload the results so that readers are in a better position to make informed decisions backed up with evidence.  I hasten to add that every now and then, I shall gleefully stray from the theme and subject and post up itzzy bitzy information about myself and lifestyle as well!

I hope that those living inside and outside the Canary Islands will find the information interesting and become inspired to take action.  Don’t think for too long though because I shall be charging ahead . . .

I thank you – have a good read!

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