Afro Caribbean Natural Hair

On Monday 13th August, I took my hair extensions out  and tried to brave the natural look but it didn’t work for me.  Even thought of posting up a photo but I look like someone from another planet; you just would not recognize me.

My darling daughter Laeticia plaited my hair for bed and I felt yuk and it didn’t do much for my confidence or my beauty sleep;  not because of the style but my hair is extremely dry, dull and needs a miracle.  Silk scarf is the only solution for the time being; an absolute must until I ring up my dear friend Gifty for new extensions!

If the sun decides to make an appearance – I shall absolutely roast since I feel as if I’m wearing a whopping big tea cosy on my head at the moment.

Sorry to be negative but it’s a fact.  My natural hair is difficult to handle.

From a usually positive person trying to make sense of a hair dilemma.

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