Schooling and Education in Spain

For the expats arriving with children to mainland Spain and the Canary islands, the question of education and which schools to choose is a life-changing decision, more so when the ability to speak Spanish or lack of- is ultimately the decider.   Please click the below “schooling-education” . . .


The School System

Spanish Guarderia Escuela Infantil Primaria ESO Universidad
English Nursery school Pre-school Primary school Secondary school Higher education
Ages Age 0-3 Age 3-6 Age 6-12 Age 12-16 From 16

2 responses to “Schooling and Education in Spain

  1. Eugenio Alonso (father of British School TF)

    interesting web-site, congratulations. I just want to add the information that between 16 and 18 years in Spain there is Bachillerato and not University, that comes after 18 years.

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