Do Black People Tan


Jennifer Campbell-Klomps         Laeticia Klomps         Tobias Klomps

Do you tan?  How many people have ever asked me this question in my lifetime?  Quite a few.  I thought it was pretty obvious that “skin is skin” whether pale or dark and when exposed to the sun it will change colour.   

A few years ago, whilst holidaying in Cyprus and Turkey, temperatures soared to a scorching 45C!  If you look at my arm in the photo (left), you will see that it is darker than the shoulder, neck and face – I call that a tan – admittedly not beautifully bronzed but a tan.

Another Skin Scenario

It was a beautiful hot summer’s day in July and whilst sitting on the beach at Puerto de la Cruz, I noticed that my skin was rather dry and decided to rub a little oil into it.  My German friend Carla aware of this asked why I needed to do it and I explained the reason.  Admittedly, it would be lovely to go to the beach, sit in the sun and rub cream into my skin like everyone else without being asked why I am there and what I was doing.

Please don’t get me wrong – this is not a gripe at peoople – more a plea to accept that “black” does not mean “doesn’t need to” use make-up, oil/cream your skin or sit in the sun! 

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