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School Safety Policies and Procedures

Parents like to think and also vehemently make heartfelt statements that their children are perfect angels at home!  If only that was the truth at school.

We all  have to accept the requirement for rules and regulations which are necessary to provide guidance and support for staff,  pupils and parents alike.  Since we all have our own ideas of how a particular scenario should be dealt with, we still need to be on the same page, so as not to confuse the future generation; namely our children, hence the policy and procedural documents!

Several safety policies need to be in effect for a school to be deemed safe for students.

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Afro Caribbean Natural Hair

On Monday 13th August, I took my hair extensions out  and tried to brave the natural look but it didn’t work for me.  Even thought of posting up a photo but I look like someone from another planet; you just would not recognize me.

My darling daughter Laeticia plaited my hair for bed and I felt yuk and it didn’t do much for my confidence or my beauty sleep;  not because of the style but my hair is extremely dry, dull and needs a miracle.  Silk scarf is the only solution for the time being; an absolute must until I ring up my dear friend Gifty for new extensions!

If the sun decides to make an appearance – I shall absolutely roast since I feel as if I’m wearing a whopping big tea cosy on my head at the moment.

Sorry to be negative but it’s a fact.  My natural hair is difficult to handle.

From a usually positive person trying to make sense of a hair dilemma.

COBIS Code of Good Governance


While the Head leads and manages the school from day to day, a properly constituted Board of Governance is an essential part of each member school.


The Board must have ‘Articles and Instruments of Governance’:  a written statement of its legal status, purpose, rules for membership (election or appointment), length of service, chairmanship and officers, meetings, frequency, minutes and voting.   These Articles and Instruments should be available to any parent or employee upon request.


Mientras la Cabeza conduce y maneja la escuela al día, un Bordo correctamente constituido de la Forma de gobierno es una parte esencial de cada escuela de miembro.


El Bordo debe tener ‘Artículos e Instrumentos de la Forma de gobierno’: una declaración escrita de su estado legal, objetivo, gobierna para el ingreso (elección o cita), la longitud de servicio, presidencia y oficiales, reuniones, frecuencia, minutos y votación. Estos Artículos e Instrumentos deberían estar disponibles a cualquier padre o empleado sobre la petición.

A Quotation

Every writer I know has trouble writing.

Joseph Heller

Inspections for British Schools Abroad

The British Government has announced a new system of inspections for British International Schools.  Speaking at a conference of international school teachers in Madrid, run by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), a DCSF spokesperson read out a letter from Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools, Diana Johnson MP, outlining the plans.  The new inspection system will distinguish between schools that are upholding the rigour and excellence of British education and those that are simply trading on the ‘British School’ brand.  The published inspection reports will inform parents about how the standards of British International Schools measure up against the standards that apply to independent schools in the United Kingdom.

Please excuse my very bad Spanish online translation but better to have a gist of the above informationthan not understand a single word.

El Gobierno británico ha anunciado un nuevo sistema de inspecciones para Escuelas Internacionales británicas. Diciendo en una conferencia de profesores escolares internacionales en Madrid, dirigida por el Consejo de Escuelas Internacionales británicas (COBIS), un portavoz DCSF leyó en voz alta una carta del Subsecretario de Estado Parlamentario para Escuelas, DIPUTADO de Diana Johnson, perfilando los proyectos. El nuevo sistema de inspección se distinguirá entre escuelas que sostienen el rigor y la excelencia de la educación británica y aquellos que comercian simplemente en ‘la ‘ marca Escolar británica. Los informes de inspección publicados informarán a padres sobre como los estándares de Escuelas Internacionales británicas están a la altura contra los estándares que se aplican a colegios no subvencionados en el Reino Unido.

CIE Research Leads To More Support For Bilingual Schools

Cambridge International Examinations carried out a research and have identified the need to give more support to bilingual schools.  The following guidebooks published by Cambridge University press are now available:

  1. Excellence in Bilingual Education:  A Guide for School Principals By Peeter Mehisto.
  2. Language Awareness in Teaching:  A Toolkit for Content and language Teachers by Timothy Chadwick.

Please refer to the link for more details.

Our research leads to more support for bilingual schools.

British School Overseas

On 30 October 2009, Diane Johnson MP who is the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools wrote a letter to headteachers and proprietors of overseas schools following a British Curriculum.

The English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland Education Ministries have been working with the British Council, overseas schools and their representative bodies to put in place standards that set out their expectations for good quality British education overseas.

Please refer to the below link for more information: