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Gym Ball for Strengthening

The last time I wrote about my running experience was about a week ago and I’ve been out three times since then.  I managed to keep going for 5 km – the going was tough but the odd drizzle of rain every now and then was  a welcomed cool-down.

The one thing that has been needling me for quite a while now (and I haven’t mentioned it before) is the pain in my right hip; although it wasn’t so bad today,  I suspect that the weekend break gave it time to heal until the next bodily onslaught.

Anyway, whilst browsing through sports equipment at the local store in Santa Ursula, I came across the Rucanor exercise gym ball with diameter 90 cm including tube and plug.  Hopefully, that will do the trick since it claims that you can “use it to strengthen muscles and bones of the hips, legs, hands, arms and shoulders and to develop overall body balance and coordination.”

I will certainly give it a go since I need all the help I can get – one question though – have you got a pump?

Today Was A Good Day

At 0805 am, my friend Marion collected the kids and they were off to school as usual.  I had arranged to meet her later at the Atlantis Bar just across the road for 0900 am, so I had enough time to fit in my run.

Arriving at 0824 am, I managed the first two laps comfortably within my stride. It was 19C and just the right temperature for running – I felt good as the cool breeze blew gently by.  The sun came out halfway through the run and although I felt a little uncomfortable – 30 minutes later, I was glad it was over.

Now I need to improve my stamina so that my legs can pound the track even longer.  Perhaps not a tall order after all.

Yes, true to say – today was a good day!

The Going Was Tough

I needed the music to keep me going and repeated this track 3 times on my iPod although I didn’t feel or look supa sexy!

The morning started unexpectedly.  The kids and I waited until 08:10 am for my  friend Marion who had not arrived to take them to school as was the norm.  Panic stations began to set in and I rang her up.   Little Tim was ill and she had left a message on my mobile at 0630.  I jumped into the car and bombed down the motorway to Puerto de la Cruz and then Los Realejos.  What a start to the day!

It was already 10:00 am, temperature 20C and I decided to drive down to the track.  Running was difficult today due to the warm climes but  admittedly I prefer a little rain to cool me down!  During the first lap, I felt a painful twinge in the hip area of my body but tried to ignore it and pounded on.  I tried not to look up whilst running since I find it off-putting to see just how far I still have to go.

The going was extremely slow but I kept on at it and tried to imagine what I looked like from the back whilst overtaking the walkers on the track.  I must have looked a sight for sore eyes and embodied someone in absolute desperation to complete the lap and another lap.  Do it again girl.  And I did.

I was absolutely thrilled to have completed 5 laps in 30 minutes!

Get Out There Rain or Shine

Got the kids off to school at 0800 am and I hesitated to get into the car and drive to the outdoor sports track.  Why was that?   It was raining cats and dogs again, but it wasn’t cold at all, quite pleasant really only 17C today.

I decided not to let this call of nature keep me indoors, after all,  I’ve coped with rain, sun and not to mention snow in the British Army participating in cross country championships that the other servicewoman weren’t too keen on doing –  – no big deal – are you kidding Jenny?  My superiors talked me into doing it.

Get out there girl!

Anyway, today was a good day for me – although I didn’t know it at the time.  I ran not four laps as was the norm but five laps!  That’s something to get excited about – almost 5 km.

It’s amazing what goes through your mind when puffing and panting – with the funky iPod music pounding in my ears – a six footer guy jogged fast me – he made it look oh so easy.  I, in turn, compared my thighs to his – thighs half the size than mine.  Sugar, Jenny, run another lap and shake it off!

I felt exhausted after 3 laps, but moved into gear during the fourth lap then realised that I could just about manage another lap.  Exhilarating!  What a feeling – you know the Flashdance track?

Finished off with step-ups to the “Don’t Talk” track – I couldn’t talk – I was shattered.

I’ll be out again . . .

Pounding the Track

I started thinking about the running track yesterday (Sunday 11th November) or was it the day before?  One thing’s for sure and constantly on my mind, I know that it’s the cheapest way of getting fit instead of going into the fitness studio – just look out of the window and what do you see? All that open space, so this morning I was out on the track at 08:27.

The first lap is always worse for me – admittedly not much fun but rather laboured as usual.  By the time I got to the second lap, I thought I might manage an extra lap rather than the normal four!  For a split second or possibly longer, I felt a spring in my legs.  But quicker than I had imagined, my legs gave in and I couldn’t pound the track any longer.  I checked my Nike sports watch and it was 08:49 am so almost 4 km and twenty-two minutes later – I stopped.   But I shall be out on the track again this week.

Out on the Track

The kids left for school this morning at 0800 am and I jumped in the car at 0810 am to head for the running track!

What a sight for sore eyes!  Can you believe that I was the only person on the track?  What a feeling.  The first lap was laboured, but I managed to focus my thoughts on regulating my breathing and literally heard my legs plodding the track like an elephant as I pushed through the pain spurred on by a Peven Everett music track on my iPod.

I kept repeating the lyrics in my head – you got me in your eye,  got me  in your eye, got me in your eye – do it  again, do it again, do it again – come on girl, come on girl, come on girl!  That (including a lot of sweat and rain) got me around the 4 laps and I felt thoroughly exhilarated afterwards –  job well done!

Rain Rain Go Away

I didn’t sleep too well last night (6/7 November) because it rained and rained cats and dogs.  There are no drainpipes on our external walls, so the rain pours along the tiles washing the debris down which then splats (is there such a word?) onto the patio and terrace tiles.  When that happens – it is loud, I mean really loud!

So I woke up at 05.30 (because I’m a light sleeper) with the intention of going for a run and got into my running kit – red jogging bottoms, black sleeveless top and fluorescent yellow waterproof jacket.  Went out to the car and did a u-turn because of the traffic jam.  When it rains here in Santa Ursula, bolsters roll down the hills onto the roads, traffic move at snail pace and people start honking their horns.  So I went back into the house.

At 13.38 pm, it is still pelting down – looks like someone pouring water out of a huge gigantic mega-kettle.  I am still wearing my running kit and waiting for the moment to dash out – but it doesn’t look good!

I Am A-Running

Monday 5th November 2012

Well folks – I took a week off from my fitness regime because of the school Half Term holidays and dreaded the thought of going out for a run this morning.

At about 08:30, I jumped in the car and drove to the sports track.  I started running around the track very slowly with thoughts of building up my stamina and struggled to lift my legs up one by one but plodded on anyway.

The iPod music spurred me on and I felt kind of cool!  With the gentle breeze blowing in the air and the odd whiff of car exhaust, I managed to focus on pushing through that urge to stop and wondered how long it would take before I’m able to truly enjoy this running experience.