Rain Rain Go Away

I didn’t sleep too well last night (6/7 November) because it rained and rained cats and dogs.  There are no drainpipes on our external walls, so the rain pours along the tiles washing the debris down which then splats (is there such a word?) onto the patio and terrace tiles.  When that happens – it is loud, I mean really loud!

So I woke up at 05.30 (because I’m a light sleeper) with the intention of going for a run and got into my running kit – red jogging bottoms, black sleeveless top and fluorescent yellow waterproof jacket.  Went out to the car and did a u-turn because of the traffic jam.  When it rains here in Santa Ursula, bolsters roll down the hills onto the roads, traffic move at snail pace and people start honking their horns.  So I went back into the house.

At 13.38 pm, it is still pelting down – looks like someone pouring water out of a huge gigantic mega-kettle.  I am still wearing my running kit and waiting for the moment to dash out – but it doesn’t look good!

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