The Going Was Tough

I needed the music to keep me going and repeated this track 3 times on my iPod although I didn’t feel or look supa sexy!

The morning started unexpectedly.  The kids and I waited until 08:10 am for my  friend Marion who had not arrived to take them to school as was the norm.  Panic stations began to set in and I rang her up.   Little Tim was ill and she had left a message on my mobile at 0630.  I jumped into the car and bombed down the motorway to Puerto de la Cruz and then Los Realejos.  What a start to the day!

It was already 10:00 am, temperature 20C and I decided to drive down to the track.  Running was difficult today due to the warm climes but  admittedly I prefer a little rain to cool me down!  During the first lap, I felt a painful twinge in the hip area of my body but tried to ignore it and pounded on.  I tried not to look up whilst running since I find it off-putting to see just how far I still have to go.

The going was extremely slow but I kept on at it and tried to imagine what I looked like from the back whilst overtaking the walkers on the track.  I must have looked a sight for sore eyes and embodied someone in absolute desperation to complete the lap and another lap.  Do it again girl.  And I did.

I was absolutely thrilled to have completed 5 laps in 30 minutes!

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