Gym Ball for Strengthening

The last time I wrote about my running experience was about a week ago and I’ve been out three times since then.  I managed to keep going for 5 km – the going was tough but the odd drizzle of rain every now and then was  a welcomed cool-down.

The one thing that has been needling me for quite a while now (and I haven’t mentioned it before) is the pain in my right hip; although it wasn’t so bad today,  I suspect that the weekend break gave it time to heal until the next bodily onslaught.

Anyway, whilst browsing through sports equipment at the local store in Santa Ursula, I came across the Rucanor exercise gym ball with diameter 90 cm including tube and plug.  Hopefully, that will do the trick since it claims that you can “use it to strengthen muscles and bones of the hips, legs, hands, arms and shoulders and to develop overall body balance and coordination.”

I will certainly give it a go since I need all the help I can get – one question though – have you got a pump?

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