Murder in the Neighbourhood


On the evening of Friday 5th March 2013 at around 0930 pm, I heard the ear-piercing screams of a lady coming from one of the houses at the lower level of the estate.  The urgency and continuing screams attracted the attention of other neighbours and realizing that something was seriously wrong –  my son and I went round to investigate the matter.

Within minutes, we reached the location and found an almost unconscious mature lady lying on her back in the metal grilled gateway of her house surrounded by concerned neighbours.  I recognized one of them who told me that he had entered the house after hearing the screams and saw a man sitting on a chair with hands tied, possibly stabbed and there was a lot of blood.  He warned me not to go in.

The woman regained consciousness and was understandably hysterical.  Unfortunately, I do not speak Spanish so was unable to understand what she was saying.  It was, however, a frightening disturbing situation and the neighbours did everything they could to comfort her by providing water, blanket and trying to get her to sit on a chair.

The Police arrived about 15 minutes later and since there was nothing we could do to help, my son and I returned home .  We saw an ambulance drive past and realizing that it had missed the turning, waved our arms to attract the driver’s attention as it did a u-turn down the road.

Under the circumstances, going to bed was the last thing we wanted to do;  so my son and I went across the road to the Bar Cafe – we could not quite believe what had happened.  We were, however, relieved that there was a good film showing at the time; thank goodness for Michael Caine although in the Spanish language, there is no match to his distinguishable accent.

The next day, my neighbour sent me the newspaper article of the reported incident.

Febles Vicente Gonzalez, 60, was found murdered in a robbery yesterday in the municipality of Santa Ursula, Tenerife at his home in El Lagar Street which is in the neighbourhood of Cuesta de La Villa.  The thieves tortured and murdered him, then broke into the safe and stole its contents.

Febles Vicente Gonzalez was found dead about 2130 hours by his wife. His wife discovered the body after returning to the home. She told police that she found her husband’s body with his hands tied behind his back with cable ties and a rope around his neck as if he had been hanged.

At the crime scene, the Guardia Civil Police confirmed that the man had suffered a violent death.  The victim had been tied up and hanged.  Officers ruled out suicide and began to look for evidence. On inspection of the crime scene, there were indications that the motive could have been robbery and found that the safe had been blown up and emptied. The first indication suggests that the assault involved several people who knew the victim.

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