Teachers Who Bully

Teachers Who Bully

Normal scenario is a child being bullied by another child – but what happens when it is the teacher bullying?

We need to define what teacher bullying is.

  • The teacher uses power to punish, manipulate a situation, or disparage a student beyond what is considered to be a reasonable disciplinary procedure.
  • The teacher bad mouths the student (in the lunchroom or teachers’ room) to other teachers.
  • Other students may notice that “he/she picks on your son/daughter”.
  • An insecure teacher e.g. who has problems expressing himself in the students’ native language may bully kids out of envy.
  • The teacher may be suffering from personal problems e.g. dealing with parent e-mail enquiries and starts bullying their child in retaliation.
  • Sadistist teacher: ┬áMay get pleasure out of humiliating students, hurting students feeling and being spiteful.
  • Teachers who bully may have been bullied in their childhood.

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