Monthly Archives: January 2014


It’s 08:58 am already and there was that mad rush and grab a dress, put the make-up on, twist the bun in hair,  jump into the car, clunk-click and off for Holy Communion Service at 09:30 saga.  

I walked into the Church as the Minister gave the notices, plonked the can of sweetcorn into the donations basket for the needy and sat in the pew which is probably the warmest place – since the sun shines directly through the coloured glazed windows onto it!

Normally, my offering ranges between 5-10 Euros depending on whether I missed Church in the previous weeks.  I hadn’t been for about 3 weeks, so I should really have given a little bit more!  Generally speaking, I should check the amount I have in my purse before leaving the house – but Mark (my husband) normally does that – when he is on the island.  He returned to the UK last week!

The one thing I invariably forget to do is to change my notes.  So today was no different!  I opened up my purse and gasped as I saw only 50 Euro notes!  Lucky for some but not for me at this particular moment in time.  I very politely whispered to the Church Warden that I’ll have to take change out of the offering bowl – pardon?  What does that sound like?  I was a little embarrassed to say the least.  There I was, just about to put the change into my purse when I noticed two 5 Euro notes rolled up within the wads of notes already in my hand; I gulped and wondered what to do next!  This calls for quick thinking and action; definitely, not a military operation but I used to be in the Army!

The Minister’s in the process of blessing the offering and I have 50 Euros in my hand instead of 40 Euros!  So I thought, it’s now or never – do something, so I tottered up to the altar and whispered “Mike!” that’s the Minister’s name.  I sheepishly beckoned him to come over and gave him the 10 Euros I had taken mistakenly.  Mike being one in a million – grinned and took the money!  As I walked back to the pew, I thought “flipping heck” and tried to ignore the loud echoing click of my high heel shoes!