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Calima Weather in Tenerife

Early one morning as I laid in bed, I looked up behind me towards the closed windows and noticed the amazing speed of cloud clusters racing across the small pockets of visible blue sky as if they were desperate to join up in that all important formation for a shower blast.

Somehow this display reminded me of the calima weather in Tenerife that I had experienced for the first time going back a few months ago; it was like a horror movie.  I stood in awe of this phenomenon as the low-lying clouds made its approach from the Atlantic Ocean and swept quickly across the balcony.  Later on, I suffered the painless consequence for standing in its path and ended up croaking like a frog for days before I got my old self voice back again!

Hard Water

I know that I’m back in the UK because I’ve been ironing for the last hour or so and haven’t managed to get through a reasonable load of clothes because the water is so hard and I just can’t iron those creases out.

I’m so relieved that I don’t earn a living ironing shirts and so forth . . . but then again, the water’s soft in Tenerife.  Anyway, I decided to do some research on hard water and  flowed over to the Thames Water link:

At least it confirmed that hard water poses no danger to your health.

“Hard water is found in areas which have a chalk and limestone geology.

As water passes through the rock it picks up chalk carbonates, the concentrations of which will determine the level of hardness.

There is no health risk associated with hardness.”

All I need to do now is to purchase a couple of bottles of vinegar to descale the kettle!