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 TEAM London Update


In today’s bulletin for London …

  • European Election Results
  • Local Council Results
  • Comment

European Election Results

The final result for the London European elections saw us win 148.013 votes, being 6.73% of the total cast.  Interestingly that’s very similar to the GLA result in 2012 where we won 150,447 votes (6.79%) and perhaps this shows a solid core support for the Liberal Democrats but sadly it was not enough this time to re-elect Sarah Ludford as our MEP.

Sarah has been the MEP for London since 1999 and has been a great liberal campaigner; two recent examples being her work on the European Arrest Warrant and her determined opposition to the illiberal Data Retention Directive. These successes are just highlights of the great work she has done in the name of liberalism. Alongside that she has been a frequent visitor to local Lib Dem campaign activities across the capital.

You can see the full London Euro results here.

The UK now has just one Lib Dem MEP; Catherine Bearder won a seat in the South East Region.

Local Council Results

Congratulations to the team in Sutton who managed to increase their council group from 43 to 47 but they are now the only Lib Dem controlled Council in London. Yesterday saw the delayed Norbiton ward result with one more Lib Dem councillor elected to the Kingston team, although their total of 18 down from 27 mean we’ve lost control there.

Overall the total number of the Lib Dem councillors in London is now 118, down from the previous figure of 245.

Across London many extremely hard working local campaigners have lost their seats. As well as being sad to see Sarah Ludford not re-elected, many well known names have lost out locally – Jill Fraser in Camden, Carol Caruana in Kensington and Chelsea and Nigel Bakhai in Ealing to name but three. High hopes in Haringey were dashed including the loss of leader Richard Wilson’s seat.

You can see the full London results on the London Councils site.

There are also two contests that are to be re-run over the summer due to deaths of candidates.


It is hugely disappointing to see so many great champions lose out in these elections. Our campaigns team including Chris Butler and Simon Drage have worked incredibly hard to support activity across the capital and we share their disappointment as we do for the local teams.

We mentioned at the start the comparison to the GLA elections. It’s time for a break and reflection now, and then to look at how to build on that support base for the future, including the General Election next year and the next GLA elections are just round the corner in 2016.


Remembrance Day

At the age of 14, I already knew what I was going to be when I grew up – either a policewoman or join the Army!  At the time, my half-sister Jean (from my father’s first marriage) was serving in Saudi Arabia working in a hospital as a nurse and I wanted to spread my wings – travel the world, meet people, learn a profession and that’s exactly what I did!

In 1978, I joined the Women’s Royal Army Corps, WO462674 Private Jennifer Campbell – an inexperienced and rather naïve shorthand writer/servicewoman completed basic training in Guildford and trade training in Deepcut – did I mention ending up in the Musgrave Park Hospital, South Belfast due to CS gas exposure!  That definitely warranted a red mark on my personal documents.

Imagine my excitement and anticipation when I heard that my first posting was to the Royal Ulster Constabulary in Belfast – 1979.  Later on, I realized that this was what one might call – being thrown in at the deep end!  I received “danger money” of one pound a day – I was 19 years old and oh, was I happy!  I literally didn’t know then that I was a sniper’s dream for a walking target!  But I survived the ordeal and was awarded the Northern Ireland Campaign Medal.

I am certain that one has to experience military life to truly understand the plight of soldiers and officers – we cannot commend more their service life, experience and professionalism in the name of Queen and country.

Elected in May 2010, Councillor Jennifer Campbell-Klomps of Worcester Park received a request from the constistuency office to lay a wreath on behalf of Paul Burstow MP at the Christ Church with St Philips War Memorial, Worcester Park on Remembrance Day 2011.

This was for me the ultimate honour – to lay a wreath on behalf of soldiers who had fallen and those now serving – not only in remembrance of World War I and World War II war veterans but for all past and present wars.

I searched for my Northern Ireland medal which was neatly wrapped in the same presentational issue tissue paper. I noticed that the attachment clip had fallen off and as the medal looking rather neglected and a little rusty, I vigorously bulled it up army-style (polished).

I wore it with pride on the left hand side of my purchased navy coat (from the Koenigsallee, Duesselfdorf, Germany) which was the first time since leaving the army – precisely 20 years ago!

I had visited the Royal British Legion, Central Road on a few occasions and enjoyed chatting to ex-servicemen about their time in the Army, Air Force and Navy; and true to say, I very rarely came across a single ex-servicewoman with whom I could share the same experience.

It has always been my wish that people could better inform themselves about military life and try to understand the sacrifice that service personnel endure to carry out their duty.



When I reflect on being a servicewoman – hard as it was – it was one of the most life changing experiences that I can recall and I survived the trials and tribulations to tell the story.

I, therefore, salute the officers, soldiers and families who have served and are serving their country.



Jennifer Campbell-Klomps

Words:  548


Last December 2011, I moved from Greater London to Tenerife after resigning as the Liberal Democrat Councillor for Worcester Park.  About a month later, I became an unexpected observer of certain evolving events which can only be described as uncomfortable … Continue reading