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The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning website:


focussed on a full press release article dated 12 July 2013 about the Spanish government’s proposal in draft form “Education Act for the Improvement of Educational Quality”.  The Spanish Government intend to suppress Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights in primary, secondary and baccalaureate programmes.  This directly contradicts Spain’s commitments towards the Council of Europe.

In view of the economic, social and institutional crisis, this is not conducive to moving democracy forward.  This draft proposal, if agreed and finalised, will take Spain back in time and exasperate the next generation’s effort to discuss and make decisions in a democratic manner.   Young people should be given the opportunity to express themselves freely, discuss and debate topics in the school environment without fear of reprisals.  Through positive dialogue, acceptance of each other and trust in one’s ability will arouse the desire to make a difference in society.

The aim of the Spanish government should not just rest at educating followers but rather to develop and encourage aspirations for future leaders.