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Private School and International School

What is the definition of private, independent and public schools?

  • Does “private” mean “secret society”?
  • Does “public” mean “open to everyone”?
  • Does “independent” mean “tailor/custom made”?

Rather confusing isn’t it?

An in-depth knowledge of the terminology is essential. ┬áPlease click on the below link “Private and International Schools:

Private and International Schools

Fees at subsidised Spanish schools are around EUR 700 a year, whereas fees at independent foreign schools range from around EUR 4,000 a year to well over EUR 8,000 a year at senior schools (particularly for boarders).

Fees usually do not include registration, books, materials, laundry, insurance, extra-curricular activities, excursions, meals and transport (most private schools provide school buses). Also, allow around EUR 800 a term for meals and other extras.