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Get Out There Rain or Shine

Got the kids off to school at 0800 am and I hesitated to get into the car and drive to the outdoor sports track.  Why was that?   It was raining cats and dogs again, but it wasn’t cold at all, quite pleasant really only 17C today.

I decided not to let this call of nature keep me indoors, after all,  I’ve coped with rain, sun and not to mention snow in the British Army participating in cross country championships that the other servicewoman weren’t too keen on doing –  – no big deal – are you kidding Jenny?  My superiors talked me into doing it.

Get out there girl!

Anyway, today was a good day for me – although I didn’t know it at the time.  I ran not four laps as was the norm but five laps!  That’s something to get excited about – almost 5 km.

It’s amazing what goes through your mind when puffing and panting – with the funky iPod music pounding in my ears – a six footer guy jogged fast me – he made it look oh so easy.  I, in turn, compared my thighs to his – thighs half the size than mine.  Sugar, Jenny, run another lap and shake it off!

I felt exhausted after 3 laps, but moved into gear during the fourth lap then realised that I could just about manage another lap.  Exhilarating!  What a feeling – you know the Flashdance track?

Finished off with step-ups to the “Don’t Talk” track – I couldn’t talk – I was shattered.

I’ll be out again . . .

Pounding the Track

I started thinking about the running track yesterday (Sunday 11th November) or was it the day before?  One thing’s for sure and constantly on my mind, I know that it’s the cheapest way of getting fit instead of going into the fitness studio – just look out of the window and what do you see? All that open space, so this morning I was out on the track at 08:27.

The first lap is always worse for me – admittedly not much fun but rather laboured as usual.  By the time I got to the second lap, I thought I might manage an extra lap rather than the normal four!  For a split second or possibly longer, I felt a spring in my legs.  But quicker than I had imagined, my legs gave in and I couldn’t pound the track any longer.  I checked my Nike sports watch and it was 08:49 am so almost 4 km and twenty-two minutes later – I stopped.   But I shall be out on the track again this week.

Toilet Hygiene

Let’s admit it readers, we all have a relationship with the toilets – whether it be a healthy or unhealthy one – we need it and just can’t do without it!  But some of these relationships can be infectious in the most stinking way.

How can the situation be improved?  Refer to the link for the low-down on bog standard.


When the toilet is flushed with the lid open, droplets can land several feet away from the toilet. These droplets have bacteria in them, which can survive several hours or days and multiply at a fantastic rate. School toilets generally provide the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, being damp and often warm. Bacteria can not only get on the floor, where pupils tread in it, but also on sinks, taps, towels and water fountains. This could then lead to something like a tummy bug affecting a large number of pupils. Drinking water outlets should not be located in toilet areas.


Cuando el inodoro con la tapa abierta, las gotas pueden caer varios metros de distancia del inodoro. Estas gotitas tienen bacterias en ellos, que pueden sobrevivir durante varias horas o días y se multiplican a un ritmo fantástico. Baños de la escuela generalmente proporcionan el caldo de cultivo ideal para las bacterias, que es húmedo y cálido a menudo. Las bacterias no sólo se puede obtener en el suelo, donde los alumnos pisar en ella, sino también en los fregaderos, grifos, las toallas y las fuentes de agua. Esto podría conducir a algo así como un bicho de estómago que afecta a un gran número de alumnos. Salidas de agua potable no debe colocarse en toi