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The Case of the Toilet Lid

If you’re one for spreading diseases and undesirables:  put a lid on the matter and do it now!

Being the mother of two children, toilet seats left in the upright position is a “no-no” in the household – after all, who wants to see the inside of a “forgotten flushed” toilet bowl:

Leaving Toilet Lid Up

Management Promoting Good Toilet Hygiene

“School toilets were the first place I would visit.  If a school can’t get the toilets right, it can make you wonder how much they care about their pupils and what else is deficient.”
Former Ofsted inspector

It has to come straight from the top, trickling it’s way down to those who just do not get it or need guidance!  Good toilet hygiene not only benefits you but others as well.

If we mess up the toilets or if we mess up in the toilets – then some form of education has to be introduced to clean up and quick.