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Hove School Governor wins National Acclaim

From the Brighton and Hove News – Independent city news and views


A former Mayor of Brighton and Hove who chairs the board of governors at two local schools has won national recognition.

Jenny Barnard-Langston has been appointed a national leader for governance. She is the first in Brighton and Hove and one of just 130 across the country.

The Department for Education describes national leaders for governance as “highly effective chairs of governors, who use their skills and experience to support chairs of governors in other schools and academies”. The role includes mentoring and giving advice.

Mrs Barnard-Langston chairs the board of governors at Blatchington Mill School in Hove, where she has been a governor since 2002, and Benfield Primary School in Portslade.

Jenny Barnard-Langston

Jenny Barnard-Langston

As a councillor, she chaired the East Sussex County Council Education Committee. During her 20 years as a councillor, she also served on Hove Borough Council and Brighton and Hove City Council.

She previously chaired the governors at Patcham High School, in Brighton, Somerhill Junior School, in Hove, and Cuckmere House School in Seaford.

She has also served as a governor at Davigdor Infant School and Hove Park School, in Hove, and she chaired the corporation board of Lewes Tertiary College, now Sussex Downs College.

She said: “I am delighted to take up this role as national leader of governance.”

Inspection of British Schools Overseas – A Guide for Parents

What are British schools overseas?

Independent schools overseas (sometimes called international schools) describing themselves as ‘British’ do not receive any formal approval or recognition from the British Government at the present time. Parents may be unsure about the standards and quality of education offered in comparison with standards in Britain. The Department for Education has put in place a voluntary scheme for the inspection of British schools overseas, whereby schools are inspected against a common set of standards that British schools overseas can choose to adopt.

More information at the below link:


Organisations Supporting British Schools Overseas

Are British schools governed by host country laws/British Law or a combination of both?

This information has been posted in recognition of the “to-and-for” confusion that might present itself when the British curriculum is taught overseas. The below links refer to organisations supporting British schools overseas.