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The Art of Manipulation

It is a fact that we all try in one way or another to manipulate a situation.  We try to persuade, influence and use flattery to win people over.  Advertisers are constantly vying for our attention, salesmen are trained to chase the money and meet targets, politicians make promises and are after our votes to stay in power.  So where do we draw the line between truth and fabrication?  Can we survive by being truthful most of the time, all the time or do we tell little white lies to further the cause?

Look at these two scenarios.

Scenario One:  Miss Angel complains that Miss Manipulation has been rude to her.

Scenario Two:  Miss Archangel states that Miss Manipulation is very charismatic and has never lost her temper.

Question:  Who do you believe?

I am inclined to say Scenario One.  Miss Angel’s unfortunate experience should not be ruled out just because Miss Archangel did not experience the same scenario.